Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun Season 2 Episode 1 Anime Review


I feel like meat prices have risen so much nowadays that I can only afford scraps though.

Yes! Second season! The good thing about shoujo manga made into an anime is that if there is a second season, that means it was popular enough, which leads to an increase in budget and animation quality. The opening is significantly nicer looking and there seems to be more movement in this new season.

Like the previous season, our heroes are running around on errands for the church and uncovering mysteries which revolve around them and their “Inu” family line. The opening I thought was a bit of a giveaway in regards to some clues, but then it was revealed in just the first episode that the blond lady was the one who attempted to kill them. Phew, I really dislike it when openings spoil the show.

With this anime, I don’t feel any wish to read the manga. Sure, the guys are all cute and/or hot, but the plot is pretty generic at the moment, and so are the characters, fitting into the usual reverse harem archetypes. I like watching the anime though. It gives me a comforting vibe with some intrigue, and I don’t have to strain my brain or over-excite my heart. It’s enjoyable enough to watch the guys and listen to the voice actors.

Oh! I also really have fun hearing the crow talk. He reminds me of Nizuma Eiji from Bakuman when he caws. The chemistry between the characters is also pretty fun to watch, despite their tropes. Overall, just a popcorn-peaceful anime.


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