Blood Lad Episode 1 Anime Review


The high point of every human boy’s life – when they’re born.

Phew. This is going to be a tough anime to review. Well, I think I read a few chapters of the manga a while ago, but… it didn’t really grip me. It’s pretty popular, evident from its length, so i gave it a shot. When I heard that an anime was going to be made for it, I stopped reading and decided to wait for the anime. Boy, am I glad I did.

The anime is a lot easier to digest than the manga. The voice actor for Staz, the ashen guy in the above pic, is Ryota Osaka, who debuted in 2011, so he’s pretty new on the scene with only smaller parts so far, except for probably Yuki in Tsuritama. At certain points in the show, his voice and style sounded a lot like Shinpachi from Gintama, who is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi, and that’s a pretty big compliment given that he’s been voice-acting since 1993.

In trying to figure out why the anime is more engaging than the manga, I’ve dismissed the probability that I might not be the target audience for the show. After all, there are a lot of manga who I’m not the target audience for and yet I still enjoy it. Judging from the opening which was almost a textbook case study of a shounen anime and the age of the main hero, it’s easy to see that teenage boys are the intended audience. With the early inclusion of boing boing female breasts, this is made even more clear. And yet, there are shounen anime featuring girls with enhanced bosoms that I enjoy. High School of the Dead for one, and Sengoku Basara is another. Those were immensely riveting.

So, why do I feel so ambivalent about Blood Lad? Even the anime was a bit hard to watch at some parts. In that, I felt it was dragging on. I thought carefully about it, and realised, it might be because the main hero… has no weaknesses. At least, not at this point I can see, from the first episode.

Spoilers. He accidentally lets a human girl die and he doesn’t even feel bad for her!? His attitude towards her is actually worse than before! Sure, he’s a demon, and supposed to be heartless, but the girl, Fuyumi, doesn’t even get angry at him! There’s so much comedic potential in that situation, and in the whole premise of the anime! A vampire that loves Japanese culture meets a human girl and accidentally lets her die on his watch. Come on, can’t you see the comedic banter that should result from it? They even vaguely mention Final Fantasy. So, you could have: “Aw damn. How could you let me die? Didn’t you have a bird feather?” And Fuyumi was the one who updated him on news of FF, so she’s in the know about it!

So, here’s the harsh truth. Personally, I do not like the mangaka’s handling of the main two characters at this point. There’s just no chemistry between them.

I really want to like this anime so bad, because the whole premise is funny. And I do like vampires that drink blood and the supernatural side characters that are popping up. Actually, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I empathise more with the side characters than the main ones. This anime has a lot of potential. I’m hoping that this manga just takes some time to boot up, like most Shounen manga do, and that the anime will continue to help cover its faults with voice-acting and animation. Here’s to hoping that it’ll turn better with age.


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  1. Brandon says :

    hey can you tell me what anime that girl at 0.35 seconds is from, the tanned skin she’s the figurine

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