Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Episode 1 Anime Review

WataMote Episode 1

So say we all.

Imagine my surprise when the manga I picked up reading just a week ago was coming out with an anime! And the manga was so good, I speed read it, basically inheriting the dark eyebags the main character and her brother has. Tomoko is basically a female otaku. She enjoys dating sims to the extreme and is too anxiety-ridden to talk to real life boys, even though she wants to badly. She’s an extremely sympathetic character and I really feel for her every time something bad happens in the manga or anime.

It’s like seeing a kitten stuck out in the rain with her fur all flattened down. How can you not want to help it? At first, I laugh at her because she gets herself into hilarious situations with her bad anxiety, and then as time goes on… I just want her to be happy.

The anime is well done! There’s some slightly horror shock scenes, but it just adds to how her life is like – an unending terror of wanting to talk to people, having to talk to people, and yet somehow being unable to. It’s almost as if Tomoko is stuck in a glass box and screaming like how she is in the Opening where she’s in chains. The Ending theme makes me raise my eyebrows at how happy it is though. Maybe it’s to lift up the mood. The part where Tomoko journeys through phones isn’t something I’ve seen done before though – very creative.

What I really like the best about WataMote is the voice actress! At first, I got a bit of a shock, because I expected her voice to be lower, but as the episode went on, I could see why she was chosen. Kitta Izumi is able to express Tomoko well, especially at the parts where her voice is soft, and she’s straining so hard to try and speak. It’s extremely emotive. And the condescension just drips from her voice when Tomoko is bad-mouthing her classmates. It was an enjoyable listen.

The anime was executed well. In terms of art style, the manga is simplistic, yet evocative, using clean lines to tell the story. The anime managed to ramp up that style until a lonely vibe emanates from it. I can’t wait until we encounter some of the future scenes.

Go Tomoko!


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