Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 1 Anime Review


Yes, we are, Solomon.

In our love to see hot guys on screen, of course! The latest addition to the stirring pot of Shoujo/ Shounen/Shounen-Ai-ish anime world is this adaptation from the manga which already has over 40 chapters out. I’ve read a few chapters of it, but it was such a long time ago, I’ve forgotten the smaller details of the manga. The reason I stopped reading was because the other chapters weren’t out yet, and not due to any faults of the manga itself.

This is an anime review, so no worries about spoiling future plot due to my reading of the manga.

What I do recall from reading it was the extremely interesting premise of William, the scion of his family who doesn’t believe in nonsensical things like devils and demons and magic. He is then confronted with Dantalion, the guy in the above left of the picture, a demon duke from Hell. It is then revealed that William is a descendant of King Solomon, guy on right, and is the one who chooses the interm King of Hell, while Lucifer slumbers. The premise captured my imagination, and so I picked up the manga.

In most Shoujo/Shounen manga, encountering a supernatural entity is par for the course. What makes this manga/anime stand out to me was the fact that the main character rejects all supernatural things. Just from that single premise, you can guess that a lot of comedic elements can come into play with how William will try to rationalise away every magical act with Science and Logic. The anime lives up to the manga in terms of comedic timing, eliciting chuckles from me with how William deals with all the magic happening around him, and how Dantalion deals with William’s rejection of it. The fact that this story is set in old England also helps with the premise’s believability- since science wasn’t as established then and magic was possibly believed by more people, including William’s friend, and his butler- who didn’t look all too surprised when Dantalion came out of the ground.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode, though I wish the OP and ED were more animated instead of having so many still frames. I will continue to watch this for the developing storyline and comedy.


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