What’s this blog about?

Hello! I’ve decided to start a blog about all the anime and manga I consume. It’s easier to have everything consolidated on one site, and it’ll help me to experience the media better. This blog will mainly be for recording purposes, though I’ll be happy if anyone wants to discuss the anime or manga I review.

Since this is a review blog, my reviews will mainly consist of words, with perhaps one or two pictures for the fun of it.

The manga and anime I enjoy are from a wide variety of genres. Shoujo, Shounen, Josei, Seinen, Shounen-Ai and Yaoi are some of them. In terms of themes, I enjoy Romance, Comedy, Horror, and Science Fiction.

I’ll do mostly series blogs, though episodic ones are not out of the question too.

I hope you have as much fun reading my reviews as I have writing them!

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